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International press center Tskhinval-2008 to open in South Ossetian capital on August 25 with support of REGNUM News Agency

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An international public press center Tskhinval-2008 will be inaugurated in the capital of South Ossetia on August 25. The press center was initiated by the State Committee for Information and Press of South Ossetia, the International Institute for New States and the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis with support of Regnum News Agency.

“The press centre will be equipped by means of communication, the internet, a briefing zone for press conferences,” said the head of the press center Alexei Martynov. According to him, the main task of the press center will be an awareness campaign for world community about the truth of the South Ossetian tragedy.

“In the West, they have a kind of distorted vision of the events here and of what caused the tragedy issued. Our aim is to provide the international community with a stable massive of objective information,” Martynov stressed. Meanwhile, he noted that the press centre will work until necessary.

“Conferences, briefings with participation of representatives of South Ossetian authorities, observers from non-governmental and international organizations will be held in the new press center, all working conditions will be established for journalists,” Martynov said, adding that the Tskinval-2008 press center will start working at the Tskhinval Press House.

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April 2015
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